Education Projects

On July 9th, 2015, 18 young women graduated from a fashion design/seamstress training program through a special program at the Cape Coast Polytechnic, supported by a GHP scholarship grant.  Each women received a sewing machine and funding to start their own seamstress business.  They also were provided 6 cabin container shops to operate their businesses from, with 3 women sharing each shop.

Women with machines7.15 Container Cabin

Duakor Public Toilet Facility

We’ve completed our 10 seat toilet facility in Duakor.  These toilets will allow the community improved safety and health standards by decreasing illnesses due to unsanitary conditions of using the beach, which required crossing a busy street to access.  The commissioning of the toilets took place on 5th September, 2013.


Duakor - Public Toilet Facility

Duakor – Public Toilet Facility

A HUGE thank you, gratitude and appreciation to those who have contributed to this project:

Sean and Connie Bashaw * Coleen Family *  Zeigler Family * Fred Nelson * Hoffman Family * Jackie Wylie & Marlin Gerber * Beauchamp Family *SCR Michigan * National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (Western Michigan University Student Organization)



Computer Lab

In July of 2012, Global Host Project opened a computer center at Okyeso Primary School near Cape Coast.  The laptops were donated by Sean and Connie Bashaw from the state of Michigan in the USA.  More desktops are being delivered soon to service the students of this under-served area.  These students will now be able to learn computer skills and compete globally!

Youth Focused Projects

In March of 2014, we enrolled 400 students in the NHIS program.  This means 400 new children now have access to general health care and disease treatment and prevention.  Enrollment in this program allows them access to general health care including:

• Out-patient services – general and specialist consultations reviews, general and specialist diagnostic testing including, laboratory investigation, X-rays, ultrasound scanning, medicines on the NHIS Medicines list, surgical operations such as hernia repair and physiotherapy.
• In-patient services – General and specialist in patient care, diagnostic tests, medication-prescribed medicines on the NHIS medicines list, blood and blood products, surgical operations, in patient physiotherapy, accommodation in the general ward and feeding (where available).
• Oral health – pain relief (tooth extraction, temporary incision and drainage), dental restoration (simple amalgam filling, temporary dressing)
• Emergencies – these refer to crises in health situations that demand urgent attention such as medical emergencies, surgical emergencies, pediatric emergencies, obstetric and gynecological emergencies and road traffic accidents. (This is a  nationwide, government run program).

This student with their NHIS ID card

This student with their NHIS ID card

In February, 2013, we donated to  dictionaries, chalk, books and reading glasses to Odonase Catholic Primary School.  We also provided 75 students with health insurance cards to ensure they receive proper care.  Odanase is an under-served school in a rural area and the items were very much appreciated by the students, staff and community!










Scholarships & Sponsorships

By kind courtesy of donors, we are able to sponsor individuals to pursue an education where they couldn’t otherwise.  Government schools are free up until the high school level but students are required to pay for high school and beyond. There are many more talented and brilliant students who are in need of assistance.  If you inspired to completely change the course of a young person’s life, please also consider being a sponsor.

Mark Asare was awarded a scholarship in 2009 to attend Adisadel College in Cape Coast and completed his studies in 2013.  Congratulations Mark!









Antwi Family

Two members of the Antwi family  have been sponsored by an individual to help them receive education and career training to better be able to help themselves and their families

Left – Isaac Antwi completed his 2 year welding apprenticeship in August of 2013

Right – Comfort Halm completed her high school education at Sammo Senior Secondary School in June of 2014.

June 2012 Volun Tour 080



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