Why GHP? Post


There are many organizations out there that provide great programs that really do make a difference. Committing to travel to a developing country and spending time there is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly. What kinds of programs are out there? What feels right to you? What questions and concerns do you have? Each organization has its own goals and own missions.

Global Host Project is a young and grassroots organization. We are attentive to each participant’s goals and expectations for his or her experience. Our goal is to provide you the best personal service and the safest, most rewarding trip to Ghana possible. We are dedicated to you and providing your services to where Ghana needs you the most.

We are not only dedicated to our volunteers and the organizations and people they serve, but we are committed to giving back to the community.  We do this by offering scholarships to local students who are in need financial need and show great academic potential.  Our long term goal is also to build a computer center to serve the community in technological advancement.  Global Host Project has also donated a sewing machine to a local young woman to start her own clothing business upon completing her seamstress training.  We’ve donated clothing and toys to a nursery/day care center for the children to benefit from.  We are truly committed to improving and empowering the local population.