Don’t have the time to volunteer but would like to help in some way? You can help by donating money to support our mission.  Your donation goes towards charitable causes such as scholarships for the brilliant but needy students or feeding costs for children in  orphanages, building of computer labs, public toilets and other projects to benefit local communities as well as building repairs for orphanages, schools and hospitals. We are a qualified 501c3 charitable organization and your donation may be deductible (please consult your tax advisor).

In addition, there is a strong need for the following items in Ghana. If you have any of these items to donate, we would be deeply grateful.

    • Laptops for schools

    • School supplies (books, pens, pencils, paper, etc).

    • Clothing, toys, footballs, used bicycles etc for children at orphanages.

    • Medical supplies for outreach programs in rural communities such as condoms for STD prevention and birth control, wheel chairs for the disabled, etc.

We have  partnered with Planet Green to raise funds and help the planet through recycling.  We collect your empty inkjet cartridges and old cell phones.  You can also buy recycled inkjet cartridges through Planet Green and earn money for Global Host Project.  Go to

When you recycle we receive funds from Planet Green for every inkjet cartridge or cell phone – this also means less landfill and a cleaner environment.  When you buy recycled, we receive a 15% donation of every inkjet cartridge you purchase, you can save up to 70% buying high quality remanufactured inkjet cartridges vs the original brand and you reduce landfill which helps the environment.
Your donation and efforts to help us fund raise are  greatly appreciated. Without your support, we would be unable to complete the work we are doing.  Thank you!